3 Reasons to Invest in Smart Printing

You might have seen our video in LabelingNews on smart printing. Maybe you thought it was an interesting innovation in label printing but something that wasn’t right for you. Some advantages of using smart printing, though, might make you think again. 

Develop better work processes. Because smart printers integrate the power of a personal computer, you can change the way you structure your printing operations. Since smart printers are programmable and can work without a computer or network connection, you can integrate your printing tasks into your operations to streamline and improve processes. Print shipping labels, tags, shelf labels, etc., on demand in a variety of work environments.

Simplify IT Needs. Smart printers eliminate the PCs, cabling, and network cards needed to direct your printing jobs from a computer. You can also eliminate print server layers of your printing architecture and the associated software licensing and support costs by taking advantage of smart printers’ ability to interface directly with enterprise applications.

In addition, the on-board intelligence and two-way communication on smart printers enable support staff to manage printers proactively and reduce downtime. Having LCDs and control panels helps operators address issues without IT staff support, thus reducing the time the printer is out of service.

Using smart printers, therefore, reduces IT hardware, networking, and support needs and expenses.

Low Cost to Implement. Smart printing systems typically cost less to implement than conventional, computer-dependent architectures and provides scalability to let you change printing processes without replacing printers.

Doesn’t this sound like a good solution for your printing needs?

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