Don’t Let TSA Mandates Slow Your Shipments

In 2007, Congress passed the 9/11 Act  requiring that 100% of the cargo originating in the US that is transported on passenger airplanes be screened in the same way as passenger luggage. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is charged with enforcing this mandate; the deadline for meeting this mandate was August 1, 2010.

If you ship your products via passenger airplanes, then you are aware of the potential problems associated with this mandate. Rising operating costs, due to time, labor, etc., can impact your profits. Also, since the TSA mandates 100% screening, your shipment could wait in a long queue, resulting in longer lead times and the risk of your perishable product being contaminated, damaged, or spoiled.

The solution is to have your shipments pre-screened and labeled as meeting the TSA mandate. The Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP) allows a shipper, freight forwarder, or independent cargo screening firm to screen cargo in a more cost-effective way. We offer TSA compliant products such as CCSF stickers and labels that identify your cargo as having been screened by TSA approved screening equipment. Once labeled, your shipment can proceed directly onto the aircraft without additional screening and delay.

We also offer tamper evident tapes and labels to protect your shipments against tampering. Tamper evident tapes are printed and numbered such that no two pieces are the same. The solvent-based acrylic adhesives leave a residue behind when peeled off to indicated tampering, and cannot be cut and then resealed.

Self-voiding adhesive seals are a visual deterrent into air cargo containers. They can be numbered, bar coded, or die cut into any shape you need, and can be made to reveal a message when attempts are made to remove them to indicate tampering.

If you need to comply with TSA mandates, or need tamper-evident tapes and labels for your products, then call us at  603-598-1553. If you want more information about CCSP and the TSA, check out this link.

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