Labels for Tough Rough Jobs

Some applications are just tough for labels. For example, some of our customers manufacture metal castings for all kinds of industries. Whether to meet their customer’s mandates or for inventory control there is often a need to fix barcode or other ID labels to the castings.

The problem is that most labels and their adhesives are designed to be used on surfaces that are relatively smooth – many cast products are some what rough (to say the least) and the surfaces are often less than perfectly clean.

This is where Winco ID can help. Working with our partners at Intermec, we can supply a durable polyester label that has an extremely aggressive rubber based adhesive.

Extensive testing has shown that this material/adhesive combination is ideal for use on textured metal even when there is oil residue, cleaning solution, dirt or other greasy surface.  When you rely on bar codes for automated  identification or tracking of your castings or textured metal objects, you’ll want to be sure the label will not fall off, crack, peel or wear off when subject to abrasion or processing.

Winco can supply this label in sizes to suit your needs, both as blank labels (we also provide the matching thermal transfer ribbons) and we can pre-print them with your text, graphics and bar codes.

Do you have really difficult products to label? I bet we can help – give me a call at 603-598-1553 x237 or use our contact page.

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