Outsource Service or DIY For Bar Code Equipment?

When looking at how you maintain and service your bar code and labeling printing equipment, you have choices to do-it-yourself, pay as you go, or outsource it.

 The most common questions companies look at when deciding are “how can we reduce costs and increase productivity?” and “Can we afford to handle maintenance and repairs our self?” 

It is often tempting to use internal staff to avoid the upfront costs for an annual service plan. For low volume operations or when replacement printers are available for use when equipment is taken off line, you may come out ahead on savings when choosing to handle repairs yourself. 

When choosing your staff for maintenance and repairs, be sure to consider some hidden costs:

  • Your staff’s time and costs being away from their primary function.
  • Proper maintenance extends the life of your printers and printheads but is often put off when faced with other operational demands.
  • Production can slow or halt when related equipment is not operating efficiently affecting worker productivity.
  • Packing equipment and shipping back to the manufacturer for some repairs or warranty work takes time and unexpected costs.
  • Cost of wait time for replacement parts to arrive.
  • Delays when searching for an authorized repair vendor each time problems cannot be identified in house. Emergency repairs are more expensive.
  • Requires spending approval each occurrence.

Is a service plan a good choice for your business?

When your business requirements are more demanding and your labeling is part of your production process, downtime is simply not an option.

Service coverage for all your bar code and labeling needs Choosing a Service Plan provides a source for reliable, rapid response to keep your business going.  With the costs of a Service Plan and what is covered known up front, you can control your costs and stay within your annual budget.

To help you evaluate a good service company, here are a few things that will help you when making your choice: 

  • Choice of response times, on-site or depot, and maintenance schedules all contribute to designing the plan most cost-effective coverage for your business. Make sure you have choices.
  • Coverage for all your bar code and labeling equipment including printers, bar code scanners, mobile computers, and automatic label applicators including multiple brands means you work with one source. Save time and get back online faster.
  • Factory-trained technicians provide the best maintenance and repairs to ensure minimal downtime and costly emergency repairs even when the original  manufacturer’s warranty runs out.
  • A large selection of repair parts means immediate repairs. Be sure you know what you are getting. Not all service companies can supply genuine manufacturer replacement parts.

Can you risk equipment failure without risking your business? If you can’t afford slow downs or interruptions in production lines and other mission critical operations, then continuous coverage can save you money. When you do experience problems, you will be ready.

WincoID provides service and a wide range of service options to fit your business needs and budget. We are factory-certified for most major brands of Thermal Transfer Printers and provide coverage for all your bar code and labeling equipment. Call 1-800-325-5260 or visit us at online.

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