Food Safety Can Yield Productivity Benefits

Growers, harvesters, manufacturers, packagers, and shippers are part of the complex food supply chain that is responsible for delivering safe food to consumers all over the world. The wide variety of products grown and manufactured, the need for more efficient processing to reduce costs, and the volume of fresh and processed food products that must be stored and shipped all complicate food safety.

As a result of the numerous product recalls, regulatory agencies and consumer groups are putting pressure on food producers to improve food safety. In addition, numerous food safety mandates – the Bioterrorism Preparedness Act, Country of Origin Labeling, the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act, to name a few- all require accurate traceability.

With strict regulations, rising costs of materials, and consumer pressures, food manufacturers must find profitability through efficient operations. It is clear that an automated traceability solution is key to managing regulations and reducing the risk of recalls and sanctions. 

Automated production tracking solutions offer significant gains to food processors who need to cut their costs while providing a safe product:

  • End-to-end traceability, beginning with suppliers and ending with delivery of finished goods, meet regulations and mandates
  • Customer confidence and brand protection
  • Consistent product standards
  • Detailed accounting of product line costs, manufacturing efficiency, inventory and other details of operations that can highlight areas for improvement.

An automated tracking solution is a cost-effective way to meet traceability requirements while streamlining production and lowering operating costs. Our friends at LXE have written an excellent paper on this subject, which you can download.

Could an automated tracking solution help you? Call us to see how you can find the solution that is right for your company.

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