New CS3000 Scanner from Symbol Motorola

It seems that all the data collection manufactures have been spending all their time of late bringing out new smartphone type devices. It is nice to see that the folks at Symbol recognize that there is still a need to evolve the humble barcode scanner and their new CS3000 is a good example of scanner innovation.

For quite a while, there has been a Symbol scanner small enough to keep on a key chain – aimed mainly at consumers.

The CS3000 is a little larger and is aimed more at Enterprise customers who need to be able to quickly capture barcode data with a super-portable device.

CS3000 can be used in two modes – batch and Bluetooth.

The batch mode does just as you would think – stores the captured scans in memory and uploads to a computer when placed in a cradle. Bluetooth mode is intended to be able to instantly upload data to a Bluetooth enabled computer or smartphone (wonder if I could use with my iPhone?).

Despite the rather plastic look, the CS3000 is designed to be able to survive the inevitable drops to concrete floors – I wouldn’t suggest using for your tough warehouse jobs though! If you have 2D barcodes you are out of luck. The only scanner available is a 1D laser one. Maybe Moto is adopting the Apple technique of holding back features and will include 2D in next year’s version.

So if you need a simple, low cost (list price is a shade over $300) 1D scanning system, the CS3000 could be it. It already shows up in the inventory systems of the AutoID distributers so should be available pretty soon.

Want to learn more? Check out Symbol’s video here. Need some? I’m your man for that!

I think this in an interesting little device – hopefully I’ll be able to get hold of one to try out soon.

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