Zebra’s iPhone App

There are times when I think the folks over at Zebra Technologies have too much fun. The world of barcode printers isn’t really that exciting most of the time, but the Zebra team seem to delight in coming up with super innovative ideas that make a difference.

In recent times, we’ve seen the mobile RFID printer, the super clever wristband printer and the “great idea still looking for a home” IQ Color label concept.

The latest cool thing to emerge is Zebra’s brand new iPhone app!

The app is a collection of utilities that allow various labels and Photo ID cards to be printed right from an iOS device. As the screenshot shows, it is also possible to write traffic tickets. I’m thinking that instead of just yelling at the next driver to annoy me, I’ll print her out a ticket instead.

The Photo ID application allows you to take a photo and print a simple ID badge right from in the app.

The app comes with a number of demo print formats to get started and I’m sure can work with the recently released iOS SDK to handle more labels.

If you are a Zebra printer user and have an iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad) head over to the App Store and get the Zebra app.

This is the first interesting AutoID app I’ve found in the App Store. Are there any I’ve missed? Do you see any practical use for this kind of app or is it just for fun?

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