Making Healthcare Better Through Automation

As reported in Healthcare IT News, the health care industry lags behind other industries when it comes to automation using bar code technology. This is not surprising, considering the complexity of patient care and safety.

Automating health care processes not only improves the patient/caregiver experience, but also lead to greater patient safety and real cost savings. The health care industry has been using electronic health records (EHRs) for decades, but digitized patient records are just one part of a fully automated health care system. Streamlining workflow using automated identification reduces administrative overhead and costs, and improves the quality of care.

By using standards-based bar coding technology, health care organizations can see immediate benefits in several areas:

  • Patient registration and admissions. Bar codes on patient wristbands, records, and health forms automate the registration and admission process.
  • Patient safety and clinical care. Data from the patient’s bar code can be linked to a complete medical history and other clinical information so that correct procedures and medications are given.
  • Laboratory. Label test tubes, slides, and petri dishes with bar code information for accurate specimen and data collection.
  • Hospital Pharmacy. Bar coded prescription orders and medication labels ensure correct drug use and dosage.
  • Materials management and supply logistics. Automated inventory control and item tracking prevents loss, eases tracking of  expensive equipment, and better control over product recalls.
  • Patient billing and accounting. Bar codes on supply items and patient statements improve capture of charges.

Many health care organizations have seen the benefits of automating these and other processes – less administrative overhead, faster access to patient data, and better tracking of equipment and costs. Couldn’t an automated identification solution help your health care organization too? Call (603) 598-1553, x237 to find out more about how your organization can benefit from bar code technology.

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