Do You Need More From Your ID Card?

Today’s businesses across all industries are keenly aware of the need for security and efficiency to survive and thrive. These are the top two reasons that drive companies to look into ID badge systems. Advances in ID card technology allows for easy, flexible customized access control, identification, and tracking to protect your business. These same cards can also be used to automate operating tasks such as time clock recording, check in/out, inventory control, and so much more for enhanced productivity and accuracy.

As ID cards become more sophisticated, so do demands on card printers to perform quickly without giving up quality output. In fact, more rely on photo-quality output for visual identification, and preserving quality brand identity as well as durability of ID cards to last through constant use and swipes through readers.

Our friends at Zebra Technologies recently visited us to show off a new generation of ID printer – one that is built for PHOTO QUALITY OUTPUT and SPEED for single or dual sided cards, the ZXP Series 8 ID card printer. Based on re-transfer technology there is nothing like it out there in its class for:

  • Outstanding photo-quality cards. The colors are brilliant. True edge-to-edge image area. No white boarders.
  • The printhead never touches the card – this allows Zebra to off “lifetime warranty” on ZXP printheads!
  • Re-transfer film is tamper resistant and easily covers any irregular surface, including smart chips used in high end applications.
  • Fast – 190 cards per hour single sided and 170 cards per hour double sided, color or black and white.
  • Use various card materials, including biodegradable stock for our “green” customers.
  • Ethernet and USB connectivity  – wireless coming soon!

For all the performance and features, the ZXP printer is remarkably small in footprint and very competitively priced. One noticeable improvement over earlier designs is that the printing is applied to both sides of the card at the same time – having to flip over the cards (a major source of jams in other printers) is completely eliminated.

Are your ID badges durable to withstand constant use and still look good? Are you looking to enhance your image with ID cards? Do you want to do more with your ID badges without the added wait for each card to print?

We all thought the Zebra ZXP Series 8 ID printer with re-transfer technology sets a new standard for quality ID Card printing – very impressive! Want to see for yourself?

Call David Holliday at 603.598.1553  x237 to see how you can optimize your card printing operations. Ask about a demonstration of card printers.

Additional Information:

Download Zebra’s white paper to learn the key advantages of quality ID card printing(447kb)

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