10 Top Reasons to Attend Winco ID Showcase

The ID Showcase is a one-day, free event hosted by Winco ID and our partners.  Most industries are under pressure to do more with less. ID Showcase focuses on how to take advantage of the advances in bar code, labeling, and RFID technology to enhance productivity and efficiency. Why should you consider attending?

  1. Are you prepared to meet traceability requirements of the Department of Defense Military Labeling Standards, FDA, and other regulatory mandates?  Are you keeping up with the changes? ID Showcase will show you first hand how you can simplify compliance with DoD, UID, UDI, PTI, RoHS, and other compliance rulings.
  2. In the event of product recalls, warranty coverage or quality control, can you trace back to the source without major disruption in your business? ID Showcase includes traceability solutions for the simplest to the most complex applications. With reliable tracking of raw materials, work in process, and finished product through the supply chain, getting to the exact items affected can be a well-controlled process.  See how you can benefit from simple, strategic traceability solutions.
  3. Can you mobilize workers in demanding conditions?  Meet the  leading manufacturer of rugged vehicle mount, handheld and wearable mobile computers at ID Showcase. See how easy-to-use, tough and reliable wireless computers and data collection devices can provide a real-time view into inventories no matter what your worker environment is.
  4. Healthcare facilities must focus on patient safety.  Live demonstrations at ID Showcase include easy printing of patient ID wristbands. See how to print and implement full-color, multi-function ID cards to control access to restricted areas of the facility, manage parking lots, visual identification, speed patient admissions, unlock doors and more. See how we solve labeling applications in many areas of a healthcare facility (Pharmacy, radiology, admissions, labs, and more.)
  5. Electronic manufacturers using high heat processing, including RoHS, need the most durable label to withstand the processing (including RoHS). Some are already finding out that supplies are limited since Tedlar is in the highest demand of the DoD.  Now what do you do? At ID Showcase, you will have face-to-face time with our labeling experts and discuss your applications. You’ll learn how the advances in polyester and other labeling materials offer less-expensive, yet high-performance, solutions to Kapton.
  6. You are too busy to look after label printers and the process is too important to be down for repairs. Your boss won’t go for budget requests during the year.  So now what do you do when printers fail? At ID Showcase, meet our service technicians to learn some quick service and repair tips for keeping your printers going.  Learn how we can help you put together an annual plan for the specific services and response times you need. You’ll see how this can actually save you money, your time and help you control costs.
  7. Is the label on your product enhancing or detracting from your corporate image? Does it stand up to harsh environments of freezers, high temperature processing, exposure to sunlight, chemicals, or moisture?
    Did you know you can use full-color preprinted labels to save on costs, simplify inventory and still be about to print variable data/sequential data on demand?  ID Showcase is a great opportunity to discuss your labeling and the challenges you face getting the right label. Bring us your label sample, or talk to us about your most challenging labeling application. We will show you how we can help you solve it!
  8. Do you want to bring your label printers closer to the point of labeling in shipping or  production? Do your needs change but you are tethered to work where your  label printers are?  Do you have dead-zones in your warehouse or production floor where your data collection and mobile devices won’t work?  ID Showcase will demonstrate how you can mobilize your workforce. See the best in mobile computing, mobile workstations using self-powered carts, and RFID to remove those physical boundaries and gain productivity.
  9. Are you looking to employ bar code systems for inventory control, asset tracking, warehouse operations, shipping and receiving but don’t know where to begin? ID Showcase includes demonstrations on the most reliable barcode printers available for all kinds of applications. We’ll have out-of-the-box software solutions, products, expertise and services to not only support your application but help you grow as your needs grow and change.
  10. You need a reason to go out in the cold. Ok – that one’s pushing it but we still hope you will come!

Monday, March 14, 2011
2:00 PM until 8:00 PM
Radisson Hotel and Suites, Hawthorne Room
Chelmsford,  Massachusetts View on map

ID Showcase

Short break-out sessions, or mini-seminars, are scheduled throughout the day to keep you informed about using bar code and labeling in health care environments, to comply with DoD labeling standards, to track and trace your products and shipments, and to create a more secure work place using Photo ID. You will also have access to knowledgeable people who can answer your questions or help you develop a plan for implementing a system that will work for you.  Refreshments will be served throughout the event.
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