Tracking Assets In Manufacturing

In a manufacturing plant or engineering test facility, it is not uncommon to have thousands of parts, expensive equipment throughout the plant, and people sharing portable tools. Without good tracking in place, valuables and inventory can go missing. This costs you money and impacts your ability to service your customers.

It can be very difficult and time consuming to keep track of everything. Manual record keeping systems are difficult to maintain and are often prone to errors. However, with inventory, supplies, consumables, and equipment being kept at minimums, having accurate counts and location information is even more critical to your success.

Why Automate Asset Tracking?

  • Easily identify where your valuable equipment is located, what’s missing, what’s been moved, who and what departments are responsible for a particular item.
  • Track and monitor capital equipment through its entire life cycle, from purchase to disposal including depreciation.
  • Automate physical inventory for speed, accuracy, and to reduce task redundancy.
  • Track who has borrowed equipment, when it’s due back and what condition it is in when returned.
  • Keep up with scheduled repairs, maintenance, track when items are returned for use.

Automating this process with barcode tracking systems provides an efficient and accurate way to replace manual record keeping or wondering about looking for items. You save time, money, and help protect your valuables from loss.

Simplify Tracking with Barcodes

PC-based software with modular design features streamlines asset tracking using barcodes and RFID. Using bar code scanners speeds up the data entry when items are added, moved, changed, or removed. Any piece of equipment or inventory that can be tagged with a barcode label—from consumables to expensive equipment—can be categorized and tracked, automatically. It’s fast and accurate.

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