Labeling for Defense

Do you sell to the government? Will your products end up in the DoD supply chain?

If so, you will need to comply with MIL-STD-130 including UID labeling, or MIL-STD-129 including RFID labeling or maybe both. This requires a complete understanding of the work flow from getting the labels right to managing the data via WAWF and UID Registry.

And it’s proven that most don’t get their labels right the first time. This can translate to delay in shipments and certainly impact the timeliness of getting paid! Worst case is, you may be subject to penalties that can exceed your profit on the entire job. Either way, whether it’s your customer or the government, some one isn’t happy.

ebook_130UID_etitleThere is a lot you will need to know in order to successfully comply. To help you get started, Winco ID has prepared e-books on these specialized topics.
Choose a topic and download our MIL-STD-130 & UID eBook and MIL-STD-129 and RFID eBook to get started.

WincoID offers the products and services to get you in compliance, even under the strictest time deadlines. Ask about our preprinted, 100% compliant label printing service.

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