Labeling for Health Care

Bar coding and labeling in health care has some very unique requirements. Tracking products in this environment is different than tracking consumer products; labels must be error-free and contain specific information, often in a difficult environment.

We at Winco ID offer the products and technology that help the health care industry deliver quality care. Our bar code and labeling solutions automate processes and ensure accurate data collection and patient ID. Ultimately, accurate bar coding and labeling leads to patient safety.

Our partners at Zebra offer a terrific wristband printing system, the HC100. The small, desktop unit makes patient ID easier and more accurate than ever. A unique cassette system makes changing wristbands (when a different size or color is needed) simple and fast.

Important work that affects a patient’s therapy happens in the hospital lab. Bar coded labels are critical in a lab environment because they are used to track data about patients, lab tests, or medicines. Our Meditech compatible labels are made of premium grade direct thermal label material and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Reliable and readable labels like this are key for delivering information upon which health care decisions are made.

Do you need to implement or improve your labeling? Are you a medical device manufacturer confused about how to comply with UDI labeling? What other applications in your environment depend upon effective labeling? To see lease call us at 603.598.1553 for more on Labeling for Health Care.

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