Meeting Specialized Labeling for Electronics

Labeling for electronics manufacturers offers a set of unique challenges. The demanding processes in this type of environment make selecting an appropriate label difficult.

Not only are the labels subjected to contact with chemicals, aqueous washes, and extreme high temperatures, but they might have to contain bar coded information in a miniature space.

Our Winco ID Showcase event gives you the chance to come and see our quality labels and the printing options available to you right now. Our Kapton and polyester labels withstand high temperatures. ESD and flame retardant labels give you protection from elements that can damage components.  And of course, our labels comply with industry directives for lead-free manufacturing processes.

Do you find you need to shrink your labels to fit the tiny components you need to manufacture? Come to our event to see how we print bar coded information in a tiny space.

If you need to comply with DoD labeling mandates, don’t miss this event. Mini-seminars on complying with military labeling standards offer you valuable information in a casual atmosphere. We are also demonstrating RFID label printing and UID verification, as well as demonstrations on uploading all of that information to the WAWF.

What are the challenges in your manufacturing environment? Do your labels stand up to these challenges?

Please join us on March 14 in Chelmsford, MA for our ID Showcase. View our demonstrations and talk one-on-one with industry specialists who can help you figure out how to get the best labeling solution for your application.

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