Using QR Codes to Add Value

Adding value with QR CodesYou’ve probably seen those trendy QR barcodes used in a lot of advertising and other marketing campaigns of late.

While these codes are quite small in size they can hold a fair amount of information and can be a good way to add value to other applications.

A good example is the card you see here, a job we produced for our friends at Platinum Car Wash, here in New Hampshire. Like many similar businesses Platinum offers their clients the opportunity to buy loyalty cards that enable discounted pricing for multiple washes.

In this case, as well as printing the usual contact information on the rear side of the cards, we added QR codes that link to the Facebook and Twitter pages of Platinum.

Any of Platinum’s customers using a smartphone with a QR reading app (isn’t that everyone these days?) can read the codes and be taken to the social media pages.

To be fair, Platinum Wash hasn’t got a lot of content there yet, but it is a great way to keep customers up to date with news, special offers – anything the business wants to share with it’s clients.

We think this is a great way for any business that uses ID cards, payment cards and loyalty cards can add that little extra value. Even better at virtually no extra cost!

Do you use QR or similar codes in your business? What clever ways do you use to make static items more interactive?

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Oh, with all that salt on the road at this time of year you might want to take your car over to Platinum Wash as well!

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