5 Easy Steps To Creating A Barcode Label

As simple as a label may seem, if you are spending a lot of time setting up your labels, and getting them to work with your printer, you’re loosing valuable time.

Whether your label is used to keep track of where things are, where they are going, where parts came from, current inventory levels, or identification, you’ll need to be able to set up your labels quickly and easily.

With more things requiring a label mandated by government for inventory control and tracking, FDA for traceability, and other regulatory organizations, labeling demands can become quite complex and change frequently.

So how do you simplify the process of creating a new label or modifying an existing one?

Join us for a few minutes and we’ll show you how to create a barcode label in 5 easy steps by clicking on this video link:

Or click here: http://www.labelingnews.com/BT-label/bt-label.html

See how easy it can be to create a customized barcode label!

With BarTender, you have total control over your label’s appearance, including the type and size of text, bar codes and graphics. Place objects exactly where you want them and control rotation as precisely as 1/10th of a degree.

Label design templates will make it easier to print specialized compliance labels, ie: military labeling for MIL-STD-130 including UID format and MIL-STD-129 including RFID as well as other compliance mandates.

Do you have to STOP what you are doing to figure out how to set up a new label format? Do you handle your label design and sequential numbering from a central location and print throughout various departments or locations? Do you want to save time and make that part of your job easier?

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