Great Presenters at ID Showcase

If you didn’t attend Winco ID Showcase, you missed some great presentations covering important labeling and security issues.

Alice Faile from Zebra Technologies spoke about the changes currently happening in the world of healthcare labeling and how labeling technology is making our hospitals safer.

Peter Green of BellHawk Systems gave a great presentation on using barcodes as a means of keeping control of inventory and production. He also looked at how cloud computing reduces the need for complicated IT infrastructure and brings the benefits of barcode tracking to smaller, less sophisticated organizations.

Finally, Steve Hammes of Onesource Security discussed how advances in technology are allowing organizations to protect their facilities and their staff with a combination of photo ID, access control and camera/recording systems.

Here are the presenters in action:


Alice from Zebra at ID Showcase

Alice from Zebra


Peter Green at ID Showcase

Peter Green of BellHawk

Steve Hammes at ID Showcase

Steve Hammes of OneSource Security

Don’t worry if you missed the live event. We’ll be happy to share the presentation slides with you and can always discuss your labeling and security challenges at any time.

What labeling, photo ID or security issues are worrying you? How can we help?

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