Label Printing From Cloud Applications

As hosted or cloud applications become more common, one of the issues to be addressed is how to connect to peripheral equipment such as label printers.

With traditional servicer-based ERP or tracking systems it is easy to print to label printers that are attached to the network, indeed many printer manufacturers make a big deal of their compatibility with Oracle, SAP and other systems.

Going with a cloud solution tends to break this cosy software/printer relationship, but our good friends at BellHawk Systems have come up with a great way to get things working again.

BellHawk recently introduced a hosted version of their material tracking system, WebHawk. Being faced with question of how to connect to the customer’s label printers, BellHawk went ahead and enabled their Bell-Connector to be able to print to label printers via BarTender.

The Bell-Connector application runs on the remote server where the application is located and it communicates with another version of Bell-Connector that is set up on the local server or PC. Using the special features included in BarTender (Automation Edition and up), label events are created in the cloud application and printed to the local printer.

One of the exciting things with Bell-Connect is that is can be used with any cloud based ERP or tracking application, not just BellHawk’s own products.

For more information download the data sheet here.

Are you using Cloud based applications for ERP or material tracking? How are you handling the printing issue? Let me know if we can help!

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