New Alien Handheld RFID Reader

Alien RFID Reader ALH-900xIt isn’t everyday that a new handheld RFID reader arrives on the market, so I was really interested to see that RFID pioneer Alien Technology is launching one.

The ALH-900x comes in a couple of versions, and has all the features we’ve come to expect from modern mobile computers. The styling is certainly different from what we are used to – a Blackberry with a battery stuck on the front was how one of our team described it.

Never mind about the looks though – we’ll forgive that if the RFID read is as good as Alien claims.

There are two versions of the new device. The basic one comes with WiFi and a linear barcode scanner, while the enhanced version adds Bluetooth and a 2D scanner, along with a digital camera.

This camera part worries me a little – a lot of our RFID customers are defense companies, needing RFID and 2D scanning capability, but don’t want people taking snapshots in their plants.

My biggest disappointment is with the operating system. Yes, you guessed it, Windows CE. With Alien having no legacy mobile computer baggage to worry about, I was hoping to see Android listed on the spec sheet, rather than Windows!

Pricing? It appears that list price will start at about $3,300 which puts in line with other offerings on the market. Should be available for shipping in late May, 2011.

Want more info? You can download the spec sheet here.

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