NH Manufacturing Initiative

I must be honest, when I’m writing about the State of New Hampshire, it is usually to complain about something so this post is rather rare.

One part of the State that does a good job is the Division of Economic Development. For a long time we have worked with the team at  New Hampshire Procurement Technical Assistance Program (NH PTAP) which helps NH companies do business with the government. The PTAP folks have been really supportive of our DoD seminar series of events.

The Economic Development group has also recently put together a partnership with mfg.com to create a portal that will enable NH companies to do more business together. John, Stan and I were lucky to be able to attend a session at Burndy, LLC where this was kicked off by NH Governor Lynch and members of his team.

We also heard how the Burndy folks have been actively working to reduce the complexity of their supply chains and bring manufacturing closer to where the products will be needed.

While the economy here in New Hampshire is doing better than many States, it has certainly not been immune to the economic downturn and we have seen many manufacturing jobs lost as businesses have outsourced production overseas. It is very pleasant therefore to see companies such as Burndy focused on doing more business locally.

While it would be naive to think that all the outsourced jobs are going to be returning to the US, there does seem to be a trend starting to develop and more investment being made in US manufacturing. So thanks to the NH Economic Develop Team, Burndy LLC and mfg.com for taking the lead in our State!

What do you think? Do you see signs of businesses investing more in US manufacturing? What can we do to advance this?

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