QR Codes Appearing in Tattoos

QR codes are appearing everywhere these days because they are easy to read, and easy to generate. All you need is a smartphone to scan and read QR codes and access to a computer to generate them.

QR codes can store much more information than a traditional bar code, and as a marketing tool, they offer an effective way for a business to engage their customers. With a click of the camera on a smartphone, customers get access to your images, websites, or other information.  But in addition to putting QR codes on products or in catalogs, QR codes are also appearing in tattoos.

This unique application for the code is interesting, but it remains to be seen if it can be as effective as desired. What happens when the tattoo fades – will the QR code still be scannable? Can the QR be scanned if it’s on a curved body part, like a bicep? And when QR codes become obsolete, will the ink still be considered fashionable art?

To view a short video on this application, visit http://j.mp/winco-053.  What do you think of this bar code application?

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