Considering A Mobile Printer?

Mobility can change the way you do business by bringing computing power to where it’s needed. In a warehouse, for example, you can complete transactions right on the floor instead of having to retrieve data from a  central printer at another location.

If you are looking to add a mobile printer to your operation, then you should consider the following to get the right printer for your needs.

Environment. Where will the printer be used? A warehouse, office, or field each have different conditions, so select a printer that can withstand the environment. Mobile workers in a cold warehouse need printers that can operate in freezer-like conditions. Others who work outside need printers that can operate in demanding weather conditions. Consider the environment and choose a a device that can withstand dust, dirt, drops and any weather conditions that will occur.

Size. What type of output do you need? Mobile printers have a wide range of capabilities. Consider the type of printing output needed and choose a printer that is right for the job. There’s no need to purchase a printer with all the bells and whistles if you only need to print transaction receipts.

Ease of use. Look for printers that are easy to load, easy to read and easy to operate. Basic operation should be quick and straightforward so as not to lose time with tasks like loading paper. Consider who will be operating the printer and if their uniforms, attire, or safety gear used in outdoor work will impede their ability to use the buttons or read the LCD screen.

Costs. Mobile printers that operate in tough conditions have the built in ruggedness and durability that inexpensive printers cannot match. So consider this when examining the cost of ownership; although a ruggedized printer will have a higher acquisition cost, it will end up being less expensive over time because it won’t need to be replaced as often as a non-ruggedized version.

Accessories.  Mobile printers that are worn on a belt or carried in a shoulder harness provide the user with comfort and flexibility to print on demand. So outfit the mobile worker with the proper clips, straps and vehicle mounts so printing can be done with minimal effort or inconvenience.

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