Don’t See The Value of IUID?

Despite the fact that tracking of DoD assets offers tremendous savings in money and time, many in the government and commercial sectors are slow to adopt this technology. Why are the more than 60,000 suppliers to the DoD not up to speed with the required marking of unique identification numbers?

Item marking is necessary to achieve the DOD’s goal of fast and accurate tracking and visibility of all property, yet only a small number of suppliers are complying. Perhaps many don’t see the value of marking their products with bar codes.

Those contractor and suppliers who are part of the UID asset management program realize significant benefits:

  • End-to-end tracking across many operations yields higher efficiency
  • Better asset and inventory management thanks to the encoded information on the product 
  • Nearly 100 percent data accuracy due to bar coding gives production managers better information for proactive decision making
  • Faster inspection, data entry, and data collection
  • Improved quality control and assurance

Item marking doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. For the majority of DoD IUID marking requirements, thermal transfer printing is all that is necessary to achieve compliance and the benefits that go along with it. Thermal transfer printers are readily available, easy to learn and use, create long-lasting bar code labels, and are less expensive than some other item marking techniques.

The labels from thermal transfer printers work with a variety of durable media that can withstand extreme temperatures and environments, sand, grit, oil, and other conditions found in battlefield conditions.

Are you facing the issue of UID item marking and don’t know where to start? UID item marking and compliance with DoD labeling mandates doesn’t have to be daunting, difficult, or expensive. If you are a contractor or supplier to the DoD, and still aren’t sure how to implement a UID marking program, then talk to us. We’ve been helping our customers realize the real benefits of bar coding and labeling for many years, and we can help you too.

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