Foodservice Industry Adopting GS1 Standards

Technologies that track products throughout the supply chain using GS1 standards are now being used in the foodservice industry as well. Foodservice distributors are finding that industry standards provide safer food and remove waste and costs to produce a more efficient supply chain.

At a recent GS1 food safety conference held on May 31 – June 2 in Orlando FL, participants discussed the progress of using bar codes, numbering systems, and data synchronization to solve supply chain problems. According to Dennis Harrison, senior vice president of GS1 US, a  N.J.-based nonprofit organization, 1,200 companies are participating in global data synchronization.  GS1 US would like to see 75% of the food service industry measured by revenue using the GS1 standards by 2015.

The FDA is behind the foodservice industry efforts. Being able to get data records electronically, using global standards to identify products, and tracking products globally fits with the FDA’s efforts to effectively track and trace food products and address food safety issues.


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