New from Teklynx – LabelView 9

LabelView 9 from Teklynx

It’s been a while since Teklynx released a new version of the popular label software LabelView so we were looking forward to version 9.

From a quick look it seems to be a very solid update. As well as refreshing the look and feel of the app, Teklynx has taken the opportunity to bring in some nice new features as well.

Form Designer allows for easy data entry into variable fields on labels – see the MSL label in the screenshot above.

Side by side View allows the user to have two labels open on the screen at the same time – I often wished I could do that when working on variants of labels in LabelView or BarTender.

Wizards for barcodes and other objects are intended to speed up the label design process and the software is now GS1 certified which will give piece of mind to end users who use GS1 supply chain barcodes.

For me though, the feature I most look forward to trying out is the new database connectivity. I always found the old versions of LabelView to be such a pain to connect to an external database, I’d just use BarTender instead. LV9 looks to have made connecting to a whole bunch of database types an awful lot easier.

As I said, LV9 looks to be a nice improvement of the previous version and we are happy to be able to supply it right now. If you are likely to be upgrading your computers to Windows 7, this is the perfect time to get your label software updated as well!

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