RFID and Durable Labeling At Your Fingertips

If you go to a centralized printer to pick up your labels and apply the label elsewhere, you not only waste time and take away from productivity, but this leaves a wide margin for error when the wrong label is picked up or applied to the wrong item.

Small, portable, Thermal Transfer and RFID Printing

It is proven that productivity and accuracy are increased by printing and applying labels at the point of activity. For some, the additional challenge is labeling items that are:

  • located in remote areas of the warehouse.
  • subject to harsh environments of the desert or out in the growing fields.
  • require the durability of thermal transfer print for readability over longer life cycles.
  • perishable or have an expiration date.
  • moving fast, reserved for production or customers, or critical to operations and must be tracked in real-time.
  • large, over-sized items or items stored outside.


No matter where you have to label or what you have to label, with Zebra’s P4T mobile printer, you can print long-life bar code labels and documents up to 4″ wide that withstand harsh and outdoor environments.


With so many mobile computers and printers available, why is the P4T/RP4T mobile printer different?

Zebra P4T and RP4T mobile printers are the world’s first mobile RFID printing solutions with dual print methods (direct thermal and thermal transfer) in a single printer.

Watch this short video to see:

Watch the video to see simple change of labels and ribbon cartridges.

  • the importance of labeling at the point of application.
  • how easy it is to load ribbons and media.
  • the power of RFID and thermal transfer image durability in harsh environment applications.
  • the P4T in action – indoor and outdoor applications in government, manufacturing, transportation and logistics and mobile field service.

Long-lasting, element-resistant thermal transfer labels, tags and receipts and RFID labels can be printed where and when customers need them, providing enhanced data and asset tracking accuracy as well as improved workforce efficiency.

Think of how useful that is when tasked with labeling large containers, shipment pallets, and complying with MIL-STD-129 and RFID requirements for the DoD (and have limited RFID printers or none.)

Do you need to print durable, long lasting labels to withstand the elements of the outdoors? Do your labels remain readable for as long as you need them to? Do you need different kinds of labels in different locations including encoding RFID smarttags?


New products are emerging on the market to enable distributed and mobile printing. For more information or to see if Zebra’s P4T fits your applications, please contact David Holliday or call 1.603.598.1553 X237.



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