What if your product had a recall? Can you respond quickly?

“Organizations such as manufacturers, food processors, and laboratories that make, process or test products which impact human health and safety are all experiencing increasing pressure to prevent defects and contamination and to respond with rapid recalls when problems occur. This pressure is coming from government agencies and from upstream customers who demand compliance with increasingly stringent standards as a condition of being a supplier.” says Dr. Peter Green, the Chief Technology Officer of BellHawk Systems Corporation.

“An important part of this compliance is maintaining traceability records that relate products shipped to customers to the sources of supply used in making or testing those products. In our globally connected world, with its high velocity supply chains, it is no longer adequate to maintain these material traceability records in paper form or to discover that an operational mistake has been made hours or days after it happened.”

As a long-time partner of WincoID, we invite you to spend some time with Dr. Peter Green as he hosts a no cost, informative webinar designed as an introduction to improving product safety through the use of technologies such as barcode printing, scanning, RFID, mobile data collection and the Internet. You’ll learn how to capture materials traceability data as well as to prevent operational mistakes.

“Improving Food and Product Safety using Materials Tracking and Traceability Technology.”
Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at 10:00am Eastern DaylightTime.

Register For BellHawk System’s Webinar Here

Is it time to replace your paper and pencil traceability records? Can you efficiently and quickly provide accurate traceability from source to supply chain?

To learn more about barcode printing, mobile computing, and RFID for protection and measurable gains in operational efficiency, call Winco ID at 603.598.1553 X237 or contact us here.

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