Automate Label Printing with BarTender

BarTender IconIf you use BarTender Automation for your label design and printing, you might have noticed some other applications that are installed with the software.

One of these is called Commander and this can be really useful to help automate the label printing process. Check out this short video where I use Commander to automatically print labels, using a simple text file as the database:

What makes this so powerful is that it is quite simple to generate the trigger text file from many different applications. Some of our manufacturing clients use Syteline ERP to this, other ERP software can do the same thing. The trigger file doesn’t have to be a text file either – Commander can watch for the arrival of an email or be set to get data from a serial port (from a weigh-scale or PLC for example) or a network connection.

Automating the label printing process can improve efficiency as well as reduce the errors caused by manual data input. One of the great things with using BarTender and Commander is compatibility with just about every label printer – no special hardware needs to be purchased. How can we help you improve your labeling process?

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