5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Label Software

Is your software this old?Admit it, you’ve been using the same software version since Windows 3.1 (or even DOS) and you’re still plodding along with it. You might think this is still cool, but it is high time to go get upgraded. Here are some good reasons why…

You’re getting new computers: Your old software probably won’t work with Windows 7 and you’re unlikely to find a parallel port to plug in that dusty old license dongle either.

Oh, there probably won’t be a PS2 port for that old keyboard wedge scanner either, but that’s for another day!

Bug Fixes: You know all the workarounds you use to get around problems in your software? Chances are the bugs have been squashed in one of the 7 or 8 releases since you last upgraded.

New Features: There’s a lot of time saving and error reduction waiting to be unleashed in your labeling processes. Taking advantage of new features and ways of working in updated software can help you impress your boss.

Tech Support: You tried calling for support on that old version recently? Don’t bother, the time spent on hold would be better spent going to get a coffee. Tech Support expires on older versions of label software. What about yours?

Winco ID DoD Templates:  Sell to the Department of Defense and use BarTender? Winco’s set of MIL-STD-129 labels is provided free to our customers. Guess what – they only work with the current version!

So there are a lot of good reasons to dump that ancient software and get the latest and greatest. Give us a call (or use the Contact Page on the site) and we’ll help you get going – especially with Seagull Scientific and Teklynx software.


Oh, feel free to let us know if Harry and I have missed any good upgrade reasons!


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