Labeling for Horticultural Applications

The labels used throughout the horticultural/nursery industry need to be tough enough to last. From planting in the greenhouse to transporting to the end user, each product needs its label for identification, tracking, and in some cases, compliance.

Industry container labeling regulations can require data such as the name of the plant, an accurate measure of the capacity of the product’s container, and the grower or retailer responsible for the product.

How do you supply all that data in a form that is durable and offers excellent resistance to outdoor elements like humidity, UV, moisture, dirt, fading and mechanical destruction?

Printed tag stock or polyester self-adhesive labels applied to plant stakes, tags, flats and container labels are commonly used in nurseries and offer longevity and ensure that important information remains readable. Our synthetic waterproof and weatherproof labels have an aggressive adhesive for use in greenhouse labeling.

We offer blank labels for your thermal transfer printer, or we can customize your labels with pre-printed logos and graphics with a space for you to print your variable data when needed, and they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Whether it is printed by you as needed, or by us, you can be sure you are in compliance with your weights and measures, bar codes, and retailer requirements. Our range of weather-resistant plastic tags, labels, and other products for garden centers, nurseries, and similar applications solve your tagging challenges in a cost-effect and attractive way.

Do you need an effective and innovative way to identify your nursery stock and enhance your brand identity? Then call Winco ID today at (800) 325-5260 and find a solution tailored to your needs.

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