Local Organization Aids Soldiers and Children Worldwide

What began as a family effort to send needed provisions to a brother in Afghanistan has blossomed into an organization that aids soldiers and children throughout the Middle East.

Paul and Carole Moore began sending their brother Brian and his fellow soldiers needed but unavailable supplies six years ago. Since then, they and their volunteers have sent so many supplies that the soldiers claim they “carry more supplies than Wal-Mart” and have dubbed them “Moore Mart. ”

Moore Mart volunteers have sent more than 35,668 packages to soldiers over the years, including 3,911 Christmas stockings and greetings to our troops. Their mission has expanded to include local children, sending them new school supplies, toys, and outerwear.

In addition, Moore Mart gives supplies to wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital and Bethesda Medical Center in Washington DC.

We at Winco ID appreciate Moore Mart’s service to our troops and are proud of Nate Fernald’s involvement with this fine organization. Would you like to support Moore Mart’s efforts? You can become a volunteer, just like Nate. Plenty of opportunities exist to help in care package packing events. Go to www.mooremart.org, or scan the QR code.

You may also make a donation to Moore Mart, P.O. Box 1604, Nashua, NH 03061.

Moore Mart is a 501(c)(3) organization and all contributions are tax deductible.

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