How Smart Cards Improve Campus Life

Smart cards have been used in corporations for a long while, and this technology is finding its way into education systems as well. The smart card lets you automate many of the routine tasks of campus life, such as registration, book and meal plan purchases, and campus security.

The smart card uses features like radio frequency identification (RFID) and tamper-resistant laminates in the student ID cards to provide a wide range of benefits. What improvements could use see using smart cards on your campus?

  • Access to Buildings–Student and staff building access is more secure and efficient with a smart card. Unlike magnetic swipe cards that can become demagnetized and lose their effectiveness, RFID gives smart cards fast ID and access capabilities.  Now you can have more secure access to controlled areas like labs, dorm rooms, or office areas.
  • Time and Attendance Tracking – Move from a handwritten and time-intensive system to an automated one with smart cards. Much like a time clock system in a business, student and staff time and attendance is automatically and accurately recorded in a database when they gain access to a building or classroom with their smart card.
  • Library Access and Inventory Management – Automatically check out/check in books, laptops, or other equipment with a smart card and store the information in the student database. Now you have access to real-time information on the status of overdue books or equipment.
  • Electronic Payment – A smart card enables electronic payment of items needed on campus. The student can load the smart card with money or meal credits and use the card to pay for items from vending machines and dining halls, or from book stores. The online account associated with the students’ ID lets them view their spending or add money to their account.

When created with durable card materials like polyester or PVC, and tamper-resistant laminates, the smart cards are long lasting – no more recurring costs from reprinting cards for annual card replacement. Students can hold onto their smart cards and use them throughout the time they are a part of the school system. Administrators can invalidate lost or stolen cards immediately, keeping the student’s account, and the campus, secure.

Is a smart card the right choice for your campus? Call us and we can discuss the variety of ID card options available that can make campus life better and more secure for your staff and students.

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