Label Software – Losing the Network…

A client had a very good question earlier today. He uses a network version of a popular label design software, and wanted to know what would happen if his client installs lost contact with the license server.

The license server is an application that the clients need to refer to in order to ensure that the allowed number of users or printers isn’t being exceeded.
My first thought was that if there is a temporary loss of network communication, the customer should be fine. The label software I personally use, and generally recommend, is BarTender which allows a “grace period” (I believe of 72 hours) for the connection with the license server to be re-established and I assumed that other software packages would do much the same thing.

As it turns out, this assumption was incorrect. A call to the tech support desk of the software company confirmed the worst, if the connection to the license server is lost, the client installations switch immediately into demo mode – disabling some core functionality in the meantime.

Networks are so reliable these days that it is almost unthinkable that they won’t be available all the time. Here in the north east of the US though, we have had power outages for the best part of a week because of a freak storm. Our customer has several office locations that use the same license server, if the one with the server goes off-line, it is important to retain the ability to print labels in the other locations.

So if you happen to be looking to purchase barcode label software, along with all your questions on supported printers and barcodes, licensing, handling data, etc., it would be a good idea to ask about what would happen if a network client suddenly has to work as a stand alone?

Of course, you could just call me (603-598-1553 x237) and I’ll be happy to sell you BarTender!

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