David’s Quick Tip – Barcode Scan

Quick Mark Barcode ScannerWe’ve all been there, have a barcode label and need to make sure that the correct information has been printed. Only problem – no barcode scanner is handy. Result: frustration!

So here’s a simple solution that works in a lot of cases.

No scanner? No problem – just get out your smartphone and fire up the QuickMark scanner app!

There are a lot of barcode scanner apps for the iPhone and Android phones, but most are limited to QR Codes, maybe Datamatrix and sometimes even UPC codes.

What’s nice with QuickMark is that it can also scan Code 39 and Code 128 barcodes, both of which are widely used in the Industrial world. It also has QR, Datamatrix and UPC capability, making QuickMark the most versatile barcode app I have on my phone.

Sure, it isn’t going to be replacing my industrial barcode scanners anytime soon, but it is fantastic to have a good barcode tool around nearly all the time. Really impresses customers, I’ve found.

So head off to your Apple, Android or Windows Phone app store and get this clever little tool on your phone.

Got any ideas for helping in our barcode lives? We’d love to hear of them!


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