Product ID Labels with Style

Product ID labels not only help you identify and track your products, but also helps you build your brand identity. Effective product ID labels used for branding help your customers identify and purchase your products. Product ID labels that carry important information, either for the consumer or for inventory tracking,  must last the life of the product. So it makes sense to create product ID labels that are as attractive and eye-catching as they are reliable.

Whatever your environment or need, we have the capability to create the right label for the job. For example, the label in Figure 1 was made for a customer who required waterproof and chemical-resistant labels. The floodcoated polyester label, with reverse printing and a clear glossy over laminate, reflects the customer’s brand and will reliably identify their product.

Figure 1. Floodcoated ID Label

Sometimes product ID labels need to idenify your product, contain product data, and also comply with industry or other standards. The label shown in Figure 2 is a name plate label made from a metallized silver polyester material and is CE approved; the inks, adhesives, and materials all comply with the CE standard. Notice that the label has empty data fields. When the finished product is ready to be labeled, the customer can print their variable data on the preprinted label.

Figure 2. Metallized polyester name plate label

For more than 25 years we have been creating reliable and innovative product ID and other labels for a variety of industries.  Our printing facility can create your labels in any shape, size or color with adhesives, substrates, inks, and over laminates that can withstand extreme temperatures, UV light, or moisture. If you need help with your labeling, give us a call at 1-800-325-5260. Our customer service department can work with you to get the label details right, and our printing department can print the label that will reliably identify and track your products, no matter what.

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