RL3 Mobile Printer from Datamax-O’Neil

Joining the RL4 in the Datamax line up of mobile printers is a new family member, the RL3.

The RL3 is a 3 inch wide mobile printer, designed mainly for label printing in retail environments.

Although not specifically intended for those tough industrial applications (that would be the RL4,) RL3 is still pretty robust. It will service up to 26 consecutive 6 foot drops onto concrete so it should be hard to break.

As we’d expect from a modern wireless printer, 802.11 a/b/g protocols are supported and the RL3 has all the security we are likely to need. Plenty of built in printer emulation as well, so RL3 can function happily in ZPL, CPCL, IPL, XML and ExPrint applications.

I’ll add more details as they become available. Right now, DMX says it will accept orders, but deliveries are not expected to start until the 3rd quarter of this year.

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