Innovative “Use Within” Label Aids Product Safety

A new label developed by UWI Technologies in Scotland warns the consumer when food or other products are about to expire.

The UWI label (pronounced “yoo-wee” and stands for “use within”) is activated as soon as a jar or other packaging is opened. The label displays a visible countdown to indicate when a product expires – green means the product is safe and red means it is not. The UWI label matches the “use within” period stated by the manufacturer. So if the expiration date is in two weeks or two months, the label will countdown accordingly.

The UWI label has applications in a variety of products, from medicines and cosmetics, to food and industrial glues. In fact, the label is ideal for industrial glues and sealants that must be used within a specified timeframe for safety reasons.

The label can also function as a tamper-evident label for pharmaceutical packaging and the high value spirits market.

The UWI label has just won the top prize at the Scottish Enterprise Life Science Awards and will go into mass production in a few months.

What a great idea!

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