New Intermec PC23d Printer

Intermec PC23d PrinterThere hasn’t been much happening in the Intermec printer world for quite a long time – it seems that the company has been focusing (probably quite correctly) on the fast growing mobile market – so it was nice to see that a new model has been introduced.

The PC23d desktop printer is aimed right at healthcare applications, although I’m sure plenty of other uses will be found for it.

This is a narrow format printer, the maximum print width being a shade over 2 inches. This makes it good for jobs such as wristband printing (where it will be up against our favorite Zebra HC100 “Toaster”) and other healthcare jobs.

The PC23d certainly looks more attractive than the existing desktop models from Intermec and also looks to be much improved over a beta model we got to check out some time ago.

What caught my attention is the types of connectivity. To connect to a computer, USB is the only method included as standard, serial and parallel connectivity being provided via USB adaptors. Ethernet is (unfortunately) an option as is WiFi and Bluetooth. Having gotten used to seeing new printer models coming with a lot of standard port types, it will be interesting to see how this “back to basics” approach works out.

On a more positive note, a USB host port is provided on the front of the machine to enable barcode scanners or other devices to be connected. This will allow SmartPrinting applications to be run on the printer.

Talking of applications, the PC23d comes with Intermec’s IPL and Fingerprint languages as well as emulation for ZPL, EPL and ZPL. The printer is XML enabled to use in Oracle and SAP environments.

If you think this new model might be what you’ve been looking for, give me a call at 603-598-1553 x237. Winco ID is an Intermec Business Partner and we’ll be happy to help!

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