Simple Ways To Prevent Costly Inventory Errors

Inventory management is at the heartbeat of operations when it comes to planning, production and delivery of goods. Errors in your inventory system may be costing you more than you think.


Use of barcodes enables accurate inventory of finished goods and efficient tracking of materials to make the finished goods.

It’s more than just counting how many. Good inventory management includes keeping track of finished goods as well as raw materials. To ensure reliability, updating this information when shipments arrive, materials are moved from a location, or adjustments are made to account for scrap, expired, or damaged materials must be done in a timely, methodical manner.

Simple Ways To Prevent Costly Inventory Errors

download white paper hereBeing able to identify and prevent inventory errors is crucial to avoid unnecessary stops in production, delayed shipments to customers, or making promises you can’t keep.

Preventing Inventory Errors a white paper by Dr. Peter Green, examines some common causes of discrepancies between the inventory shown in your ERP system and your actual physical inventory and how to prevent them.

These simple methods can provide users of an inventory tracking system with an accurate real-time view of physical inventory.

Do you spend time looking for inventory when you need it? Do you wish you had an easier way to keep track of moving inventory? Call WincoID 603.598.1553 X237 for more information on how you can employ barcodes to prevent costly inventory errors.

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