Low Cost Warehouse Management

WMS from BellHawk SystemsLooking to improve the control of your warehouse in your small business?

Always thought that Warehouse Management Systems were too expensive and too complicated?

I had certainly subscribed to this train of thought, but my friend Peter Green at BellHawk Systems is out to prove us wrong.

BellHawk tracking software has helped a lot of companies over the years and Peter has recently put together a special package aimed right at the small business that is looking to get control of inventory.

This BellHawk solution includes inventory tracking module as well as two mobile computers – at a super competitive price.

This is a great way to get started with Warehouse Management and BellHawk software is designed on a modular basis – you can add modules so it can grow as your business does.

Want to learn more? Contact Peter Green at 508-865-8070 x301 or visit the BellHawk website.


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