BarTender 10 Offers New Features and Improvements

Seagull Scientific has release a new version of BarTender software. Version 10.0 began shipping on March 1, 2012. If you haven’t upgraded your barcode software in a while, now is the time to do it.

Many new features are available in version 10.0, but the most interesting are the card printing capabilities and the high-end graphics functions.

Card Printing

Now BarTender lets you design, print, and encode ID cards, security badges, or any other type of plastic card. Encode smart cards (including RFID!) and magnetic stripes too. You get Windows printer drivers for major card printers, and the ability to design two-sided cards.

Create ID cards incorporating photographs or other graphic scans with support for real-time image capture from video cameras, or images  from digital cameras and scanners.  Enter data using data entry forms that accept input from a keyboard, or connect to a database.

Better Graphics Capabilities

If you are familiar with software packages such as Adobe Illustrator, then you will notice that BarTender 10.0 now has many of the same high-end drawing functions you are already using.  Lots of shapes, textures, and better line drawing features expand your design capabilities.

Import and export PDF files, and get access to a new Clip Art Browser to find just the right image you need for your project. There’s even the ability to import binary large objects from databases that support the SQL BLOB types.

A number of font and formatting functions have been added for formatting text, and a new Search and Replace function enables you to automatically make your changes to data during print jobs.

Intuitive User Interface

BarTender 10.0 has an improved its user interface to make it easier to view and modify the template objects when designing your labels, cards, or other documents. A better navigation pane lets you access and modify objects and simplifies changes to multiple objects and groups.

Version 10.0 also handles templates differently. A new Template navigator pane lets you add, delete, or reorder templates, see a preview of a template, and specify conditional printing criteria for each template.

These are just a few of the upgrades and improvements in BarTender  10. For a more extensive description of all that is new, go to What’s New in BarTender 10.0.

So if you are ready for an upgrade that will definitely make your label, barcode, RFID, or card printing easier and more professional looking, give us a call at 1-800-325-5260. We can help you with the details and get you up and running with the latest in barcode and label software.

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