Sharing Labeling News Content

Creative Commons LogoWhen we set up Labeling News, it was at the time when the marketing world was becoming less interruption based and moving to be more social based.

The idea of the site was (and still is) to be a way of sharing great content that would be interesting to people in our industry and also help us promote our business; Winco Identification.

Unless identified as a guest post, all Labeling News content is original and produced by our own team. The Copyright is held by our company, Winco Identification Corp. We wanted to make it easy to share our content so the site is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

This allows anyone to copy, publish and share our work with the conditions that is is not altered in any way and that the work is attributed to Labeling News.

This means that should you publish a Labeling News article on your site, you are in violation of the license if you remove or change any of the content (including links and author tags) and we also insist on a link back to our original article.

In the event we find our content on-line that is not in compliance with our license, we will ask nicely that it is either brought into compliance or removed.

Several news sites already use Labeling News content and are happily working within our licensing. Everyone is welcome to join them.

If you have any questions on licensing Labeling News content, feel free to contact me at

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