NEW: Fade Resistant, Hi-Performance Label – No Outgassing

custom label on energy storage unit


A manufacturer of Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) for today’s hybrid electric vehicles was required to label the energy storage systems with important warnings for the end consumer. The label they used was fading relatively quickly when exposed to the outdoor elements of sunlight and heat. The added heat of heavy-duty vehicle operations would cause the label to bubble from gas trapped between the adhesive and the label material, a phenomenon called outgassing.

Several test labels failed on one or all of these performance points. That is until a new material that resists fading and outgassing was considered. The only problem was the color of the material was silver-not white. They needed white to match the energy storage system.

The Solution

Relying on our experience in creative labeling solutions, we came up with:

a label printing process that converted the silver appearance to bright white, using full-color to make sure danger signs stood out.

an overlaminate that provided a longer label life with resistance to fading.

stronger adhesive that took care of the problem with outgassing.

This label was re-built on all levels (adhesive, label material, label printing processing and an added overlam topping.) The new label will last longer without fading and provide reliable performance when exposed to heat – no bubbles from outgassing. And it looks great!


If you are looking for a durable label to withstand chemicals, moisture, high heat, freezing, outdoor elements, rough surfaces, electronic manufacturing, or the effects of outgassing, don’t settle for less than the perfect label for your application. Be sure you can rely on your labels to survive the processing application and through the intended life-cycle of the product.

Need to comply with federal, industry or other regulatory mandate, you can’t afford anything less than the 100% compliant label. The only limit to your labels, is your vendor!

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