Datamax I-Class Mk II Rebates – Hurry!

Datamax-O'Neil I-Class Mk IIYou might be aware already that our friends at Datamax-O-Neil recently introduced a new version of their I-class printer – the I-Class Mk II.

To get the new product off to a good start, the company is offering a super rebate program for Mk II orders, good through all of 2012.

There is however, one thing you need to do soon: registration is needed to be eligible for the rebate and this needs to be done by the end of June – that’s right, next week!

So if you are likely to be purchasing a new label printer this year, get yourself registered for the I-Class rebate now. There is no obligation to buy anything, but you could save your company some $$ – Up to $300 per printer.

You can register on-line right here on the Datamax site. If you buy (or might buy) your printers from Winco ID, please make sure you add that at the end of the form. Note that these rebates are provided by Datamax-O’Neil directly to you, the buyer of the equipment.

The new I-Class MkII is a good printer. We’ve just bought one ourselves for our in-house print service and you can read my review here at Labeling News.

So don’t delay, get registered so you can take advantage of Datamax’s offer. Ready to buy? Great, we’ll be happy to help with that too!

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