Zebra ZT200 Series

Zebra ZT200 SeriesIt is always nice to see a new model printer from our friends at Zebra.

The new ZT200 series looks as though it is intended to be a replacement for the S4M, which has been around for a few years.

As is often the case, Zebra has taken the evolution, rather than revolution approach, which means the new model should easily fit into environments with an existing population of current model printers.

The ZT200 does include some improvements (as we’d expect) including the better operator interface (similar to the Xi4), a bi-fold door to reduce the amount of space needed for the install and faster printhead swapping. Loading the media should be simpler as well – this will be much appreciated as the older Zebras could be a bit tricky.

As with the S4M, 203 and 300 DPI versions are available, with all the usual connectivity as well.

Want more info? Get the ZT200 datasheet here from Zebra.

Want to buy one? We can help with that! Give me a call – 603-598-1553!

Update: We’ve had the chance to check out a couple of these new printer models – see my ZT200 Series Review for my first thoughts.

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