Barcodes and RFID For Blood Supply Protection?

While researching topics on blood labeling and safety measures, I came across an interesting interview done by AIM (Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility) with Dr. Clive Hohberger, Consulting RFID Systems Architect.

AIM’s interview with Dr. Hohberger included topics such as:

  • a history of blood bag tracking and what has changed, including the use of RFID.
  • his thoughts and research on Radio Frequency (RF) as safe alternative.
  • why the ISBT  global task force created a uniform bar code labeling standard for blood.
  • making the data portable as an effective means to access data on the blood bag even without access to the database, such as in emergency situations.

Read the full article on AIM’s website:  RFID: Protecting the Blood Supply.

Barcodes are commonly used by the healthcare industry for positive identification, such as on wristbands, high-valued and shared assets, pharmaceutical products, records and laboratory samples. More work continues to ensure every aspect of healthcare delivery is protected from errors.

It is amazing just how much more barcodes are integrated in our lives beyond convenience at the cash register. Increasingly more industries are using barcodes for far more complex issues such as anti-counterfeiting, brand protection, consumer safety, and industry standards in a global economy.

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