Ask Gary The Label Guy

Gary The Label GuyWe have a new feature over at our Facebook Page – Ask Gary The Label Guy!

Way better than that Larry The Cable Guy person, every week, Gary will answer some of the toughest label related questions that we (or you) can come up with.

If you have any label or label printing questions that are keeping you awake at night, now is the time to get answers. In the unlikely event that Gary The Label Guy or the rest of our team don’t have the answer to your question, we’ll check in with Wikipedia – you can therefore be assured of 100% accuracy!

So send over your toughest questions – The Label Guy is on top form right now, but I bet there is something that will stump him!

Got a question for Gary? You can mail it to or just post it on the Labeling News Facebook page:

I could relate to the first question that Gary answered: “How do you get rid of that pesky Top of Form Fault on a Datamax printer?”

Oh, any resemblance between our Gary and that Cable Guy person is just a complete coincidence!

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