Durable RFID Tags – A must see video!

Durable RFID Tag in Action

We are often asked about the durability and life expectancy of an RFID SmartLabel or Tag. While reading The Barcode News, I came across an interesting article on RFID. If you would like to see how rough and tough an RFID label can be, you must see this video. You may want to turn down your speakers if you are in the office.

That should answer the question of durability of RFID tags if you’re planning to use RFID – even in crash sites.

Testing of RFID tags proved that the technology works in harsh environments. Industries, such as manufacturers, can now consider using RFID tags around metal, liquids, cardboard, and in rugged environments. You’ll need to carefully select your RFID SmartLabel or Tag and look at the testing rating.
Are you looking for a rugged RFID tracking solution?

The use of RFID is on the rise in applications such as keeping track of inventory, raw materials, pallets, finished product and shipments, or meeting compliance mandates as the MIL-STD-129 Military Labeling Mandate for Defense Contractors.  If SmartLabels and Tag limitations previously ruled out using RFID in your business, now is a good time to look again.

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