Cognex Dataman 9500 – Mobile Computer

Cognex DM9500 Mobile ComputerYou know, some barcodes are just hard to read – especially those low contrast direct part marked ones. while most barcode scanners are fine for use on labels, give them a DPM job to do and they are not happy.

Companies such as Microscan and Cognex have been providing barcode scanners for these applications for some time, but Cognex has now taken the step to include their DPM reading technology on a mobile computer form factor.

The 9500 uses Windows CE6.0 as its operating system (shame it isn’t Android) and comes with a QVGA display – yes they do still make these, it seems!

It comes with the usual 802.11 a/b/g options and the cradle connects to a PC via the ActiveSync that we all know and love.

The Dataman 9500 clearly isn’t the most sophisticated mobile computer around – it is pretty basic to be honest. However, if you have those difficult to read barcodes to deal with, and still need to have access to data on your network, it might well be the best (or indeed, only) option to investigate.

What other mobile computer gives you Cognex’s Liquide Lens techology and all the lighting techniques for reading direct part marked barcodes?

Do you have barcodes that are hard to read with conventional barcode scanners? I bet we can help you – give me a call at 603-598-1553.

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