Motorola HC1 Headset Computer

Motorola HC1 Headset computerThe latest creation from Motorola Solutions is this Cyborg looking device – the HC1 Headset Computer.

Designed to allow hands-free operation, this new device is intended for use in tough conditions where both hands are needed to do the job.

The Motorola HC1 includes a small display/microphone unit – the display is supposed to simulate a 15 inch monitor and the microphone includes the latest in Moto’s noise reduction technology. Since the device has no keyboard input (I’m sure it will happily work with bluetooth barcode scanners, though) voice recognition will be the main way of interacting with the device. Having an on-board accelerometer also allows for control via head gestures.

A camera mounted to the side of the HC1 really completes the Cyborg look.  This is intended to allow a secure video feed to be streamed – allowing for support for difficult jobs.

The Motorola HC1 is intended for very tough jobs in industrial and military markets. The price is expected to be about $4,000 so don’t expect the kids on your street to be wearing these as fashion accessories anytime soon!

Check out this video on the HC1:

Want to learn more? Head on over to the Motorola Solutions site. Interested in using mobile technology to help your business? Call me at 603-598-155

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